10 Essential Tools for Working from Home

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Our top 10 tools for remote workers

We’ve put together an essential Top 10 list of software we put to great use every day at StopShop.Catering

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  1. Trellohttps://trello.com/
    Excellent web based software that will allow you to organize your week a little better. Can invite other users to share your boards.
  2. Lastpasshttps://www.lastpass.com/
    Easy to use password management tool that generates and remembers unique passwords. Can easily be used to share login information with colleagues.
  3. Libre Officehttps://www.libreoffice.org/
    Libre office exists as a freeware replacement for Microsoft office. Does exactly the same thing, opens all Microsoft office files just with a slightly different user interface.
  4. Pushbullethttps://www.pushbullet.com/
    This one is a little more complicated but allows you to connect your computer & together. You can send notifications, files and or text messages. This is one of my go-to installs on any new computer.
  5. ShareXhttps://getsharex.com/
    Easily capture & share images. Pretty nifty tool that can instantly upload your image to the web & copy the URL directly to your clipboard for sharing.
  6. Smashhttps://www.fromsmash.com/
    Allows you to send files to someone without any sign ups or downloads. Simply upload the file and share the website address.
  7. Everythinghttps://www.voidtools.com/
    Everything allows you to search your computer for files, it knocks spots of Windows built in search tool.
  8. Grammarlyhttps://www.grammarly.com/
    If you spend alot of time writing content online, this handy little plug-in will take the guess work out of great writing.
  9. Mailspringhttps://getmailspring.com/
    Mailspring has become my go to email client over Thunderbird. I manage around 10 email inboxes everyday and keeping on top was a nightmare, but thankfully with Mailspring I can have all my emails in one inbox and manage them from there.
  10. Synergyhttps://symless.com/synergy
    If you work on more than one computer, having one keyboard and mouse between the two is a god send. I can easily move my mouse from one screen to another (separate computers) and copy and paste.

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