How to find us

1. Head along the A4067 Towards Pontardawe

2. At the Tesco roundabout take the turning into Pontardawe.

3.Once you reach the second roundabout take the 3rd turning into Pontardawe industrial estate.

4. Head along this road passing NPTC Pontardawe College & we’re on the right immediately after A&M garages.

5. There’s a yellow barrier blocking the entrance by car, but you can turn into A&M and head for the car park behind.

10 Essential Tools for Working from Home

Trello scaled

Our top 10 tools for remote workers

We’ve put together an essential Top 10 list of software we put to great use every day at StopShop.Catering

Trello scaled
  1. Trello
    Excellent web based software that will allow you to organize your week a little better. Can invite other users to share your boards.
  2. Lastpass
    Easy to use password management tool that generates and remembers unique passwords. Can easily be used to share login information with colleagues.
  3. Libre Office
    Libre office exists as a freeware replacement for Microsoft office. Does exactly the same thing, opens all Microsoft office files just with a slightly different user interface.
  4. Pushbullet
    This one is a little more complicated but allows you to connect your computer & together. You can send notifications, files and or text messages. This is one of my go-to installs on any new computer.
  5. ShareX
    Easily capture & share images. Pretty nifty tool that can instantly upload your image to the web & copy the URL directly to your clipboard for sharing.
  6. Smash
    Allows you to send files to someone without any sign ups or downloads. Simply upload the file and share the website address.
  7. Everything
    Everything allows you to search your computer for files, it knocks spots of Windows built in search tool.
  8. Grammarly
    If you spend alot of time writing content online, this handy little plug-in will take the guess work out of great writing.
  9. Mailspring
    Mailspring has become my go to email client over Thunderbird. I manage around 10 email inboxes everyday and keeping on top was a nightmare, but thankfully with Mailspring I can have all my emails in one inbox and manage them from there.
  10. Synergy
    If you work on more than one computer, having one keyboard and mouse between the two is a god send. I can easily move my mouse from one screen to another (separate computers) and copy and paste.

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Allow customers & staff to communicate freely

Social  Distancing  Restaurant scaled
Space just got personal

The way customers shop has changed

The way customers shop has changed indefinitely, so have your responsibilities to staff, customers and the general public. Innovative approaches are essential in navigating this confusing time.

Our range of clear partition screens will allow staff and customers to chat freely while keeping adhering to social distancing guidelines.


Rethink workplaces

Spaces reimagined

New hygiene solutions are essential in our new day to day lives.

Our cleascreen system allows easy communication and still respecting social distancing rules.

Easy to assemble, smart to handle, and to move. It can be quickly disassembled and transported and has an available hanging notice board attachment.

01. Easy to setup

Easy setup with Youtube instructions.

02. Easy to move between locations

Lightweight and compact for transport to another location

03. Two Different Sizes & Attachments

Comes in two different sizes, also a hanging information panel for messages or menus is available.

Hailo Care Wall Compositing 5 3.500px e1596631352489
Communicate freely

Communicate to customers & staff easily

Hanging information panel that attaches to our clear Partition Screens.
Share information or advertisements with customers.

Get your room ready
Simple asssembly

Communicate to customers

It’s magnetic, writable and washable!

Customize your order
Tech specs


Our clear partition screens are available in two different sizes with an additional notice board attachment.


  • Model: Small
  • Colour: Grey
  • Flame Retardant: B1 DIN 4102
  • WxHxD (mm):1860x1823x30


  • Model: Large
  • Colour: Grey
  • Flame Retardant: B1 DIN 4102
  • WxHxD (mm):1060x1232x30

Setup Video


What our clients say

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our customers have to say!

Bought these to be used in our restaraunt when we re-open. Wanted something that customers to talk between tables easier. Easy to setup.

Exactly what I wanted! I was a little reluctant as I thought they would be too heavy but they’ve been great.

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Face masks to be mandatory in cinemas, museums, and places of worship

Today, the weekly survey by the Office for National Statistics reports that the prevalence of the virus in the community in England is likely to be rising for the first time since May.

The Prime Minster stated “stress that we are in a far better position to keep the virus under control now than we were at the start of the pandemic – because we know so much more about the virus and have so many more tools at our disposal to deal with it”. 

Last night the Health Secretary announced new restrictions on household contact in the North West – specifically Greater Manchester, and parts of East Lancashire and West Yorkshire.

Read the Prime Minsters full statement…


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